Welcome to J3 Software Design

J3 Software Design offers a range of services for your web and programming needs. We offer a variety of web modules called w3Blox™ for the budget-conscious customer. These modules fit the needs of most small businesses and organizations. We also offer a wide range of completely custom websites that can be built for you with your complete specifications. We offer web hosting in conjunction with or independently of your website.

Not only can J3 Software Design create quality websites, we are also available for any custom programming. We specialize in software designed for the Windows platform including COM and .NET architectures. We also have extensive experience in client/server and database applications. We can also provide services in graphic design and optimization, video editing, creation of drawings in AutoCAD, technical writing and editing in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and Acrobat.

J3 Software Design is always involved in software research and development. Check back for news regarding the release of our revolutionary software development framework. Our Portable Relational Query Language™ (PRQL™) libraries comprise the first phase of this framework. Specific information on the work underway is available at the above link or at www.prql.com.

Contact us by email at for more information about any of our services.